Process To Access To Gmail Inbox

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You might have heard about the different features of Gmail Inbox. Indeed, this email service is known for its innovative features as well as security aspects. With Gmail you get all the advantages you need to have a reliable email service that will never let you down. If you are new to Gmail, you will want to know the steps of accessing Gmail inbox.

The first step is to sign up for an account here. It is easy to sign up for a single or even multiple accounts on Gmail. Indeed, many people have their professional and business correspondence in one account and personal emails coming into their personal account. Here are the basic steps to follow:


  • You need to type in the official web address of Gmail to access your inbox. You can start by typing in in your web browser.
  • Once the Gmail official page is displayed, you will find the panel to sign into your account.
  • If you have an existing email address you can sign into it through this panel.
  • There is a link to sign up for a new account below this panel.

You can also access the Gmail page by finding the link on the top right hand corner of the Google main page.

Signing up process is essential in order to access Gmail inbox. If you are new to the signing up process, here are the essential steps to follow:

  • You will be taken to the new account creation page.
  • Here you need to fill in your details as required.
  • The essential fields comprise of choosing a username and password for your account besides other details.
  • You can begin by entering the username you choose. This will have to be validated by Gmail. You can choose a username that as recommended among the options given.
  • You will also need to choose a password that is at least eight alphanumeric characters. You can select as per the guidelines provided and get the password selection tool to approve of the password you choose.
  • There are other details that you need to mention such as your name, location, gender and other information which is optional.
  • The security related questions need to be answered and the right answers selected or stored for future reference.
  • You would also be asked to mention your contact number. It would have to be validated by Gmail by sending you a text code or a phone call. The code needs to be mentioned in order to complete the validation process.

Once the above steps are followed, your sign up process is complete. You would then need to agree to the terms and conditions before you are led to the inbox page.


Once you have access to Gmail inbox there are several functions and features that are offered for the users. Labelling and bundling is major in this inbox.

  • The emails that arrive in your inbox are segregated into Primary, Social and Promotions. That helps you to find relevant mails under these labels without having to shift through all kinds of email correspondence.
  • It is also possible to change or customize labels of folders. The standard folders into which the mails are arranged can be found on the left hand bar of Gmail inbox. You could move emails from one folder to another or change labels as well.
  • Gmail inbox also allows you to manage your to do list. You can easily create reminders as well as make emails snooze till you are ready to send them or work on them. The plus button allows one to create reminders.
  • There are other useful features such as marking emails as are done or sweeping emails from one folder to another with a single sweep with multiple emails at the same time.

With these useful features you will surely want to have Gmail inbox not only on your desktop but also in your smartphone or tablet. For these reasons, you will find the free Gmail app easily in Google Play store, Microsoft app store or the iTunes store for Apple devices. Once you have installed Gmail in your tablet or phone you can avail of several features such as:

  • You can synchronize your email inbox with the main one on your desktop or laptop.
  • You will find the different folders or labels in your mobile app as well.
  • It is also possible to create labels and reminders on the mobile Gmail inbox app.

With the above features it is possible to check and use all features of Gmail on your mobile device. You can even access draft emails through the draft folder, check sent items or trash and spam folders. With such synchronized features and an interface that is easy to check out you will surely love the mobile inbox of Gmail. It can act as a reliable counterpart of your desktop version.


There are other associated services of Google that you can access through Gmail. For instance, you can find Maps, YouTube, AdSense, Google Drive, Google+ and a host of other services through Gmail. As you already have an account with Gmail, you will have your accounts created in all these applications automatically. The same account also provides you access to a Google Play store where you can easily download as well as purchase apps for your mobile devices. These features add on and make the Gmail inbox a glamorous and useful service indeed.

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