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The sign up process for Gmail is easy. You could access Gmail through the web address as well as through the mobile application. However, at the time of creating a new account it would be advisable that you choose to create the account from a desktop. It is easier and then you can easily set up a synchronized email account on your Gmail app on the phone or tablet.

The process of signing up for a Gmail account is as follows:

  • In your web browser you need to type in This will take you to Gmail’s main page for logging into existing accounts. Here you will also find the link to sign up for a new account. One can also access Gmail through the Google home page. Here the Gmail link can be found with other Google services on the top right hand corner of the page.
  • When you click on the link to sign up for a new account, you will be redirected to the account creation page. Here you need to key in the details in order to successfully create a new and valid Gmail account.


  • The first and necessary fields that one needs to fill up are related to selecting a unique username and password. You need to select a unique username to get started. With millions of users already using Gmail, chances are that the username you select will not be available. You can then choose among the options that Gmail suggests through a handy tool.
  • The same process needs to be followed for the password generation. The password for your account needs to comprise of at least eight characters which need to be an alphanumeric combination. Hence, you would do well to choose a password that contains at least two or three numbers and letters, in different case forms as well as any special characters you might choose to include. There is a handy tool that will validate your password and provide a go ahead sign to allow you to proceed to the other fields.
  • The other fields that you need to fill up pertain to other personal details. With basic information such as name, location, age, gender and other optional information you can complete this part quickly. There are other security related questions and fields that need to be filled before you can complete the sign up process.

With the security of accounts becoming a primary concern for all email services, Gmail also has made provisions to ensure that users of Gmail accounts do not fall prey to account hacking activities. For these reasons, there are certain security related details that are required at the time of signing up for a Gmail account.

  • There are personal questions that one can select and provide the answers to the same. These are saved for validation requirements. At the time of having to recover your account details such questions come in handy. It is important that one remembers the answers that are provided at the time of signing up for a Gmail account.
  • It is also important that you provide a valid phone number at the time of signing up. The number needs to be validated. This is done when a security code is sent as a text message to the number you provide. The same needs to be keyed in to confirm the valid phone number. This comes of use when you choose to activate the two step verification feature in your Gmail account. It also comes in handy when you have to recover your account details like resetting a lost password.
  • One is also asked to key in an alternate email address. This helps one to get an option for resetting their account password in case they forget the same.

Once you have completed the above inputs you are ready to move onto using Gmail. The inbox that Gmail has offered several useful features:

  • You will find that the incoming emails in Gmail get categorized into three categories automatically. These are Primary, Social and Promotions. These categories make it easy for one to find the relevant emails in the right categories. You need not shift through your social media messages in order to find an important official communication from a public utility service.
  • There are several folders created in advance. These can be found on the left hand side panel of the inbox page. The mails that are designated as spam by Gmail are sent to the Spam folder and so forth. Whatever is deleted or marked as done are moved to Trash from where mails are deleted every thirty days.
  • With huge inbox space of 15 GB there is no need to delete mails that can be preserved in your inbox for years even. You could even create additional folders or rename the existing ones.
  • You can create reminders for tasks as well as set reminders on mails that you need to snooze till the time comes to work on them.
  • You can select multiple emails and use the Sweep feature to move them to other folders.

Are you wondering which email service to sign up with? There are several email services out there. However, Google is known to be a reputed search engine that has expanded itself to offer a wide range of services. Gmail is one of the emails that has become popular the world over. There are several reasons for the same:

  • Google is a reputed service provider for web services, the main being a search engine service.
  • Google and Gmail being integrated along with other service offerings, opening up an account with Gmail will help one to gain access to all such services.
  • Gmail offers secure and reliable email service. You can bank on ready access to your account 24/7 without any fear of downtime or performance issues. There has never been a single instance of anyone losing their email messages or account folders through this service.
  • If you are looking for an email service that offers state of the art, innovative features and functions, you can safely bank on Gmail to offer you a service that gets updated with new features quite frequently.

For the above reasons you will surely love to sign up Gmail. You might also want to compare the features of Gmail against Yahoo and other emails like Microsoft. Here are some highlighted points to consider:

  • If you compare Gmail to Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook you will find no reason where Gmail stands back from these other email services. Yahoo has several associated services with its email and so has Gmail and Outlook. As Google services like YouTube, Google search, Google AdSense, Maps and other features are highly in demand, you will get direct access to these services when you sign up with Gmail.
  • All other devices have undergone several changes. For instance, those who had Hotmail accounts need to sign up under the Microsoft Outlook banner. Yahoo has also undergone several changes in order to improve their email service to their users. Gmail on the other hand, has offered a steady service that has been improving its features and functions and wowing customers over time.

The above reasons should be enough for you to want to have an account on Gmail. When you are looking to sign up with Gmail, you need to think of the utility that the account will provide. You will gain direct access to a personalized account on YouTube, be able to upload your files and folders on Google drive, create a blog using the quick blog creation service, get income through ads by activating Google AdSense and so forth. You can engage with your contacts socially through Google+ or Hangout as well as get easy map directions on Google Maps.

4There are several handy features with Gmail inbox besides the way you can work with the different email communications. For instance, Google Hangout is the latest version of the Google chat messenger service that is integrated with Gmail. This chat option makes it convenient to connect with your contacts in real time. You can also reach any of the associated services of Google by clicking on the right hand top corner. For instance, if you have files or folders to save, you can easily do so on Google Drive. Again, if you wish to create a customized playlist on YouTube, you will find your account already waiting for you. The other services like maps, news, photos can also be customized or personalized as per your requirements.

Security of Gmail accounts is another concern that many users need to look into. Though spam activities are common, hacking of accounts can be prevented if users follow the following steps to secure their accounts:

  • It is imperative that a strong password is chosen for one’s account. Again, as most people use their email accounts frequently, they choose to stay logged into their account. However, this option should be chosen only when one is working from their personal computer or laptop. The same option can also be chosen on a mobile device.
  • At the time of signing into one’s account Gmail seeks the password details again. This is for ensuring that the sole owner of the account is trying to gain access and not any hacker. In such cases it is necessary to save one’s account password details. If the account password is keyed in incorrectly three consecutive times, one would be locked out of their account and they would need to recover their account details.
  • This can be done by keying in the security related answers to questions selected at the time of forming the account. In case the information keyed in is incorrect, one could ask for the reset link to be sent to the alternate email address. The other way of recovering account information is to ask for a security code to be sent as text message or a phone call to the registered phone number. This will aid in recovering account details quickly.
  • For ensuring a safe log in process Gmail urges the users to activate the two step verification process. This requires one to key in the security code that is sent as a text message or phone call to their registered phone number. This is an additional step to keying in the password to the Gmail account. With this step one can make their account more secure. It is also proposed to use this measure when one works from shared or public computers.

The above measures will help one to make their Gmail account secure. Gmail allows users of its email service to access their account from anywhere. The Gmail app comes on as a free service to all mobile stores. You can easily download the same through the Google Play store or iTunes store. No matter what mobile device you use you will be able to use Gmail on your smartphone or tablet. The email service allows you to synchronize your emails on your mobile device accordingly. Even though the web interface and mobile interface of Gmail inbox differ, you will be able to find your emails in the folders you arrange as well as find the draft emails that you create on the desktop, waiting for you to send them from a mobile device event. You can even set up reminders and use other options like a separate Hangout app where you can catch up on the chat conversations that you started on your desktop version.


These are ways you can avail of the different features of Gmail inbox. With the mobile app, Gmail becomes a versatile service to use. You are sure to find the service, dependable, whether you are using Gmail for your business purposes or for personal emails. With the above measures you will be able to make the most of the email service and find it reliable in protecting years of conversations and communications that you deem important. For these reasons, there are millions of users of Gmail who find the service to be reliable and dependable for years to come.

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