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Gmail account login

You can go to Gmail’s homepage at and you will find the link to create the account. You can also use to create the account and to access your emails. If you have an account created for Gmail, you can visit and enter the username and password for the Gmail or Google account. If the username field is already used by any other user, you need to use a different account to login. You can click on the link, “sign in with a different account” to continue to login. On the login page, you can see the sign-in or login box just below the Google logo. In the first box, enter the registered email address for Gmail and in the second field, enter the password which is linked to the email address you have entered in the top field. Click on the sign in button at the bottom of the login page to access the mail account. If you need any help in accessing your Gmail account, click on “Need help” link.


Using Gmail on Android phone and tablets

Nowadays, you can have access to Gmail account on your Android phones and tablets. You need not be in your office anymore or be near a computer to check out the emails you receive or even compose a message. You can easily do it using your Android device, from anywhere you are. The following are the steps to follow to setup Gmail account on your Android phone.

  • Tap on the settings option on your Android phone. Look for the account option that you will find on your screen when the settings option opens up.
  • The ‘Accounts’ settings is where you will find the details of the current accounts on your device and also displays the sync settings.
  • Tap on the Add account option and then tap on the Google option to add your Google account.
  • Now you will be asked to sign in to your Gmail or Google account.
  • You need to enter your full email address and your password in the respective type fields to sign into Google.
  • Now, you can access Gmail on your Android phone.

Sign into Gmail using iOS

  • Choose the settings option on your iPhone or iPad home screen and tap on it.
  • In the settings option, scroll down to locate Mails, Calendars, Contacts and tap on this option.
  • In this section, look for ‘add an account’ option under the account option and tap on it.
  • There will be a host of email service providers list that will come up on your screen. Scroll to choose a Google option.
  • Now, you will be taken to the Gmail option where you will find a few fields to fill up.
  • Enter your name, Gmail email address and the password as well as a description for the account in the respective type fields. Ensure that you enter your Gmail username and password correctly to successfully sign in to Gmail inbox.
  • After neutering the username and password, tap on the sign in option. You will now get logged into your Gmail account through your iPhone. You will start to receive Gmail email notifications on your iOS device from now on.

Make login secure

5When you are trying to sign in to your Gmail account to check your mails, you need to manage the security options provided by Google in an appropriate way to make the login safe. You may use your own device or you may use shared devices to access your Gmail account. If you are using your personal laptop or desktop, you can opt for the “stay signed in” box selected. This step will ensure that there is no need for you to re-enter your account password for your future logins. If you are using a shared device like accessing the mail from your office computers or from a system in an internet café, you can opt for using the private browsing feature offered by the browser. If this feature is not available, you can make your login secure by clearing browser history, cookies and caches before and after you use these public shared devices. If these security options are not available it is better not to login to your mail account. Make sure that you deselect the “stay signed in” option so that your account will be safe even if you forget to sign out from the account while using shared device. You can also opt for the two-step verification during the login process to keep the account secure from hackers. This security feature adds one more layer of protection to your login process. The hackers will have to find out your username, password as well as the one-time login code to get access to the account.

Troubleshooting login problems

You can troubleshoot the login problems with your Gmail account depending on the type of problem.

  • If you forgot your password for your particular account, click on “I forgot my username or password” option in the Google support page at
  • You will be asked by Google to make sure that the caps lock option on your keyboard is not on or you are entering the password in the correct language.
  • If this doesn’t help, you will be allowed to change or reset the password so that you can access the emails. If you have forgotten the username, according to Google, you need to make sure that there is no extra space in the username you have typed in while login and you have entered only one @ sign in your username and you have entered the domain name completely like and not just @gmail.
  • If this doesn’t work to get access, then go to “username recovery” page and follow the instructions given.


The locked Gmail account can prevent you from login to your mail account. Google locks the mail account automatically if it detects any abnormal usage of the account, which indicates a compromised account. It will take at least 24 hours for Google to reinstate the account. Google can lock your account if it detects that your account is receiving, downloading or deleting large quantities of mail data within in a short time or if your account is sending a large number of undelivered emails or the use of file storage software, file sharing software or browser extensions that log into the account automatically or using multiple instances of Gmail. You can contact the Google support team to troubleshoot this problem

Hacked mail account is another problem faced while trying to login to your account. Go through the mail security checklist provided by Google to ensure that your computer is free from malware, virus attacks, etc., and to make sure that you are using a secure internet connection to connect to your Gmail account.

Gmail from Google is one of the most widely used email services in the world. The popularity of Gmail is due to the fact that they are easily accessible and are available in any type of wireless devices like iOS and BlackBerry if they are connected to the internet. Google experts have created Gmail easy to access and operate in all types of users from novice to experts. The login procedure to use Gmail account is simple.

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