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Comparison of Interface

Google offers a different Gmail interface to choose from for their users. However, most of the users find the interface layout unintuitive and cluttered. Gmail has a priority inbox interface, tabbed inbox interface and inbox which allow you to present the emails the way you need them. The tabbed inbox sort the mails into different categories like social, promotions and updates.


Using inbox interface, you can create to–do-list of your mails and mark them as done. You will be able to make a bundle of related messages and snooze the mails which you want to consider later. Moreover, Gmail also offers many tweaks such as preview pane which allows reading the emails without leaving the message list, mark as read button, etc.

Outlook uses a streamlined interface design with three panels. On the left side you can see the categories and folders to navigate and the center panel contains the list of emails and by clicking on the particular email you will be able to read it on the right end pane. However the interface customizing options of are very less when compared to Gmail. You will be able to select where the display pane show up or in which order the messages appear during a conversation in Outlook.

We are well aware of the importance of e-mail communications in our daily life. For an average working person there won’t be a day in their life without reading and sending emails. It is necessary that you opt for the best email service so that you will be able to make better use of the time. Google and Microsoft are the two major players in the e-mail service provider sector. These services have certain advantages over the other. Here is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these services.

Gmail was launched on April 1st in 2004. The service was started with 1 GB of storage space offered to the users and the storage limit of 15 GB was many times greater than what offered by the precursor of outlook, the Hotmail service then. As of now Gmail has more than 1000 million active users.

Outlook absorbed the Hotmail service started in 1996. In 2007 Microsoft rebranded it as MSN Hotmail and later to Windows Live Hotmail. In 2013 it was again renamed as The service was started with only 2MB of storage space.


Email organization

2Keeping track of your emails is made easy with the powerful filters of Gmail. You will be able to sort your e-mails automatically based on the subject, keywords, sender, size, body, attachments, etc. There are filters which allow you to mark the mails as read, respond with a canned message, delete them or apply labels.  Gmail also allows the use of labels and stars to mark the messages according to your priority.  The priority inbox stem allows the users to find the important messages automatically.

For the basic organization tool for the email messages are the folders. The left hand pane contains the default folders and you can create additional folders if you need.  You can make the messages remain in the top of the list by using the pin option.  This is almost similar to the use of stars for marking the mails from Gmail. The clutter feature of outlook identifies the messages that you are not interested in moves to the clutter folder. This allows the user to clear the junk messages with a single sweep. You can also add new categories to the mail by navigating to layout and then to the categories and manually selecting the categories provided.  Apart from these you will be able to create your own rules for filtering messages in Outlook.

POP and IMAP support

This feature is important when you want to view the emails without an internet connection. Gmail supports POP as well as IMAP and hence any email client with any operating system will work for Gmail.  You will be able to access your archived messages even when you are offline. supports POP and IMAP and also supports the ActiveSync by Microsoft. But Gmail is much faster in setting up, syncs and retrieving the messages and folders for different clients.

Storage and attachment limits

Gmail offers 15 GB storage space for free. Recently, Google started to offer unlimited storage space for photos with certain conditions. The user will be able to get more storage space by paying a price. The attachment size is limited to 25 MB by Gmail.

Check out below what offers.

3There is no clear information about the storage space offered by It seems to be limited to 5GB. With office 365 subscription you are entitled to 1TB storage space.  You will be able to attach files of size up to 100 MB to your messages from Outlook.

Social integration

You will be able to directly use social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook once you log in to the account.  You will be able to post comments on Facebook updates and retweet on Twitter using the sidebar. Gmail integrates only with Google plus.

The conclusion

There is not much advantages and disadvantages which will make the user disappointed by selecting one over the other. Gmail is integrated with the different services offered by Google and has advanced features when compared to Gmail is an ideal option for people looking for customization options for the e-mails. on the other hand is the ideal option for office users who need to streamline workflow and various product options.

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