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The sign in process of Gmail is described below:

  • Gmail log in page will open up in the web browser when you type in
  • The Gmail link is found on the main Google web page as well.


  • You can click on either link to find the sign in page for Gmail.
  • When the main Gmail page opens up you will find an easy sign in interface.
  • You would be prompted to enter a username and password in the respective fields.
  • When you enter the details you are redirected to the inbox page directly.

There are several ways to make your sign in process easy, especially when you access your email account several times a day. Here are some easy ways to stay logged in and work securely with your Gmail account:

  • You can check on the option to stay signed in when you are using the computer for your personal use.
  • This will open up your Gmail inbox directly without you having to enter sign in details every time.
  • You can opt for similar settings on your mobile device. If you access your Gmail account from your smart phone, you can save your login details accordingly.
  • These conveniences allow you to log into your Gmail account easily and from multiple devices at the same time.

There might be instances when your account, sign in comes under trouble. If you have forgotten your password you will be given three attempts to recover the same. In case you cannot remember it still, you are given the following ways to reset your password:

  • You will be prompted to provide details of the alternate email ID that you had keyed in at the time of signing up for a new Gmail account.
  • A link to reset your password would be sent to your alternate email address.
  • There is also another way you can recover your password. This is done by choosing to answer the security questions and answers you had chosen and completed at the time of signing into your account.

The two step verification feature has been introduced by Gmail to make the accounts of their users secure. As most users often forget their passwords or have passwords that are easy to hack through, many Gmail accounts are often infiltrated and hacked. In order to prevent this from happening, Gmail urges all users to activate the two step verification process. This is done in the following way:

  • At the time of signing up Gmail requires certain account security setup information.
  • This pertains to providing a valid phone number. Here security codes are sent as text messages or as phone calls. It becomes part of your two step verification process as well.
  • Gmail urges users to choose two security questions and to provide answers to the same. Users need to remember the questions chosen and answers as well.
  • When the two step verification process is activated, users would be prompted to enter the security code that is sent as a text message to their registered phone number. This is a step additional to entering the password for signing into your Gmail account.

16There are several services that become accessible to users of Gmail accounts. Once you create an account with Gmail, you can access several services such as:

  • All features of the Gmail Inbox become available to a user. These include categorizing the emails into different folders as well as getting all incoming emails categorized automatically into three separate sections of Primary, Social and Promotions.
  • Google Drive is a cloud service where one can store and share folders, files and different kinds of media.
  • Google+ is a special interactive platform to engage with friends and others
  • You can also access associated services like Translate, YouTube, Maps, Photos and others including easy blog creation options.

The above features are some of the many benefits one can get when they sign into their Gmail account. The service is dependable and can be accessed from different devices and on the go as well. It is also easy to create separate business and personal accounts on Gmail. That ensures that you can segregate your personal and business communication effectively. With reliable network and server services, you will find your email accounts working in a reliable manner all the time.

Gmail remains popular among the different email services that are out there. Among the different email service providers, Gmail occupies a prominent position. For that reason most people nowadays have a Gmail account to manage their email communications. Gmail offers several features in its email service that are innovative, top of the line as well as advanced security features. You will find inbox features that are innovative as well as security aspects that allow flexibility to the users by accessing their account from different platforms but in a secure manner all the time. For these reasons it remains a numero uno service in email even in this modern day and age when there are several email services available.

If you are wondering how to log onto your Gmail account there are simple and easy ways to do so. It is possible to sign into your account from different platforms which could be a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Email accounts can be several on Gmail. You could create different accounts for business communication or for personal messages. The security of your account is paramount for which there are several security measures that Gmail offers.


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