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With Google, innovation is something that everyone can come around to expect. Innovation is what has helped Google stay ahead of the intensely competitive world that it works in – whether it is the search engine service it provides or the email service and other value added services it offers to the internet users.

gmail inbox inbox by Google is a great email service since it is offered for Google which not only offers different kinds of features but also associated services of Google. As an email service, Gmail has an inbox that automatically sorts out incoming mails into different tabs marked as Social, Promotions and Primary. You can further make use of folders and filters to segregate and find messages easily. The search function of Gmail is a powerful feature which uses Google’s search algorithm to seek out the messages as per the keywords you type in.

Today Google is on the way to introducing a further step to its Gmail service. It is simply called the Inbox which is a further step to a new world of email being introduced Google. It is part of Gmail but is a different world altogether. Just as Hangout Google brought a social media interface and helped expand Gmail into a social interactive platform, Inbox will help one to organize their messages, reminders and offer innovative features and functions as never witnessed before.

When you have Inbox, you will find a new interface added to your Gmail account. What you witnessed on the new Gmail inbox is Inbox rther expanded in Inbox. Here your promotions are further organized as per the category that they belong to. Thus, fashion sites, books and gift sites would be organized separately. Your travel mails would be organized into separate folders as well as the option to customize and create different folders would also be present.

The mails would be shown in such a manner that you need not open a message to view the important detail. Thus, if you have a flight confirmation message, the ticket details would flash as the message’s front interface, eliminating the need to open the full mail, thus, saving you time and download space.

Reminders can be set for different subjects as well as chats can be kept active or made to sleep or snooze as and when you want. You can specify reminders and chats to come alive when you want them to. In such ways, you need not be bothered for a beep sounds every other second.

Indeed, Inbox by is a revolutionary approach to the standard email inbox. It is set to change the way we use email inboxes. The inbox will come alive, on the desktop or on your mobile app, not only as an email inbox but also as reminder, chat room and for other functions. The interface is great, unlike the staid look of an ordinary email inbox. Till now it is part of an invite only feature. If you are a Gmail user, you can seek an invite to use Inbox of Google.

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