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For those who use Gmail as their primary email address, they need to check their mails on the go. With the Gmail app it has been made possible long back, thus allowing millions of users of Gmail to access their inbox, check old mails, receive the new ones and even respond to them, with or without attachments. Gmail has gained the tag of being the most popular email service around and with good reason. Not only is the email service of Google a reliable one, it also provides access to the different services and features of Google without one having to sign up for different accounts for such feature. Thus, you Gmail ID becomes the default ID for Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube, Blogger and others.

gmail app inbox app not only makes things convenient, Google keeps introducing new features which makes browsing your email and working on the mails a pleasure through your smartphone or tablet. There is a new design that is being rolled out for the Android and other platforms. With such a new version, the Gmail users can expect new looks and updates as well as ease of use of the mobile version.

When you open the new Gmail app n your phone, you will find a red stripe design introduced on top. The slide out menu on the left still continues which allows one to switch between accounts as well as view the different categories as per Updates, Promotions, Social and Primary. The new app interface of Gmail offers a clean and intuitive interface. The white space makes it look flatter and less clustered. There are circular icons added for the contacts instead of the existing square ones.

While the above changes are more design specific, there are functional changes introduced as well. The biggest change is the ability of Gmail users to add on other email accounts of different email service providers. POP and IMAP accounts can be added such as Yahoo and Outlook mail, thus, allowing all such accounts to be easily viewed on your smartphone. That makes a big change for Gmail users who can now use their Gmail app as the single mail client which will allow access to different email accounts on one interface.

Gmail app has made life easy as one can complete all kinds of email transactions on their smartphone and they need not resort to their desktop version for any function. Thus, from quickly composing a new mail to sending a quick reply to a mail received, attaching files and creating or accessing folders are all made more easy and accessible by the Gmail app. Google is also launching a new Inbox feature which is currently in the invite only phase. Inbox is set to change one’s experience of emails with the inclusion of reminders, chats, different mailer views and more. On the whole, Gmail app is set to change and revolutionize the way people have used their email inbox in their phones.

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