Different Google services for Gmail users

When you gain access to Gmail, there are several other features of Google that you are given automatic access to. YouTube is the popular video based social media site that offers an automatic personal account to all Gmail users. Google Drive is the cloud service offered by Google with 10 GB storage space, automatically open to all Gmail users. Other features include integration of Google Chat, Hangout accounts with Gmail account as well as other services such as Blogger and others being easily available for those who sign up for a Gmail account. In this post will explain the benefits and features of having a Gmail account.

gmail services

YouTube is the popular interface for all the latest videos put up by singing sensations, film previews of the latest releases and so forth. Whether you are searching for animated videos for your child or wish to share a video as a private link to your friends via YouTube, there are several benefits that come out of having an account on YouTube. When you are a registered user, your viewing references and video searches are saved and recommendations are shown to you accordingly. You can save lengthy videos on your free YouTube account as well. For all such reasons, gaining access to YouTube through Gmail is a great offer.

When you open your Gmail inbox, you will find the chat options appearing on the side bar on the page. Google Chat, now known as Hangout, integrates your contacts from the mails and shows you as chat contacts. You could send across invitations to friends to chat with them through this interface. Once you are linked with a friend on Hangout, you will get to know whether he or she is online, is away or ready to chat. You can chat with friends via text, video or even audio calls. All you need to do is add credit to your Google account and use it as a Skype alternative.

The wonders of a Gmail user account does not end there. With the Google+ integrated with your Gmail service, your friends can now see what you post or take part in conversations you start. As a result, you could have all your Facebook activities on your email and need not resort to another tab or another site to check out social media related activities.

Sharing photos and large files over email or Google+ has been made possible via Google Drive, the cloud service that automatically offers storage facilities to all Gmail users. As a result, this handy cloud service can be used to send across or share important files with others without trying to send across lengthy attachments.

Google has a host of other attractive services such as the Blogger service, AdSense service and several others – all that can be accessed through the Gmail user account. For all such reasons, getting a Gmail account is the best thing that can happen to you and will open up a world of opportunities and exciting trends for you. The frequent updations are also part of Google’s efforts to provide value added services to all its members.

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