Creating A Gmail Account

The features and services you get with Gmail is not only limited to the inbox features. Google offers several services that become part of your offering when you sign up for a Gmail account. For instance:

  • The Google search engine becomes part of the offerings. You could customize the search engine page as per your requirements.
  • The translate tool is another handy tool that can become part of your web browser, helping you to interpret foreign language based websites easily.
  • The other services are Maps, Photos, Google drive, Google Hangout and several others like YouTube. All the services come personalized and with your account details. Hence, it is easy to set up any of these functions as you need not start from scratch.
  • You also need a Gmail account when you wish to download any app from Google Play store. Hence, having a Gmail account is a necessity in this regard.


With the above benefits and offers you will surely want to own a Gmail account right away. The process is an easy one. You can get started on your desktop browser in the following way:

  • Open a web browser window and type in the Gmail address
  • Here you will find the login panel for existing users to sign into their account. Here you will also find the link to sign up for a new account on Gmail.
  • The link to Gmail main page can also be found on the top right hand corner of the Google main page.

If you are looking to start a new email account with a reliable service provider you would want to look at Gmail. It is a service that is known to be reliable. When it comes to email communication you need a service that will have your mails and different communication and reminders saved on reliable servers. With Gmail’s quality service you can be rest assured that your emails will be available and online 24/7 through the year. The user base of Gmail supports tens of millions today and it is steadily growing. With their reliable infrastructure you can be sure to find the best of features and reliability without compromise. Once you come onto the Gmail account creation page there are several fields that you need to fill up. For instance:

  • The first fields that are vital and important are the username and password fields. Here you need to choose a unique username which is important. You will get options for choosing a username and it would be easier if you choose to go along with these options.
  • The next field for password requires you to choose a password that will be at least eight characters long and a combination of alphanumeric characters. You can opt for the same by including a letter in capital as well as lower case along with numbers and special characters. The checker tool will validate the password you choose and indicate whether the strength of the password is adequate or not.
  • The other fields that pertain to the creation of an account on Gmail are fields like name, gender, location, age and so forth. Once you have filled information in these fields you need to proceed to the security related questions and answers.
  • Gmail has enhanced security measures for its accounts. In order to do that, it is important that you provide a valid alternate email address. Once this is validated, you need to move on to providing a valid phone number. This will also need to be validated. You need to enter the code that is sent as a text message to your phone. Once you enter the security code and validate the same you can then move onto the other remaining details.
  • You need to choose two security questions and provide the answers subsequently. These would be posed to you in the event that you fail to remember your password or need to unlock your account.

The above steps when finished will help you to complete creation of your Gmail account. The final terms and conditions section needs to be checked in order to proceed. Once all the steps are completed, you will be taken to the Gmail inbox page. Here you will find several features and benefits:


  • The inbox has an intuitive layout that is easy to figure out. You can even start by collating contact details from other email accounts. Alternatively, you can start composing emails with the different composition tools and send out communication as you wish to.
  • You can add your contacts onto your Google Hangout section. This will show up as an instant messenger option on the left hand side panel of your Gmail. It will help you communicate with your contacts in real time.
  • The incoming mails in Gmail get segregated into Primary, Social and Promotions sections. This makes things easier for you as you need not do the same manually. You will also find all the folders on the left hand section of the main page. Here you can segregate the mails or rename the same. You can also demarcate the different emails by labelling them or setting reminders on them.

All these features are also available on the Gmail app. If you have created your Gmail account, you can proceed to set up the account on your mobile Gmail app as well. This app comes for free on the Google Play store for Android and other devices.

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