Comparing Gmail with other email services

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Gone are the days when one had to pay for an email account. Indeed, the present generation is born in a world that offers so many resources for free. With the internet offering all kind of information easily available to people along with free email services, it has truly transformed the world as compared to what it was decades ago.

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When it comes to web based email services, there are several that one can opt for. Indeed, free email is a common thing these days that everyone takes for granted. However, the free web based email service was first popularized by Hotmail. When it started in 1997 it helps to free people from the shackles of subscription or paid mail services. If you compare Hotmail with Gmail, there are several features and aspects that come up. Hotmail started at a time when Gmail was not around. After Hotmail was introduced, it was soon taken up by Microsoft. MSN then combined Hotmail as part of the several service offerings that it had on its portal. Today Microsoft has integrated all MSN and other services and is migrating Hotmail users to a new domain called The Windows based email service is now a web based service with a new look and innovative features. Hotmail still exists and the existing users will find interface changes having taken place in their inbox and other folders.

Comparing the newest email services on the block with Gmail, one would find Outlook to offer several features that Gail offers such as a fresh and intuitive inbox design, easy one click actions to delete, organize messages and so forth. Outlook also reduces spam mails much more than Gmail. However, Gmail wins hands down when it comes to offering several filters and tab functions. The search function is powerful in this email service. It also integrates Google’s other services such as YouTube, Google Drive, Hangout with Gmail, making one’s account accessible to all such functions.

If you compare Gmail with Yahoo, besides the usual features of unlimited storage, Yahoo does not offer any service that is unique as compared to Gmail. The standard email features are present with Yahoo but besides that, Gmail wins hands down on features, security aspects, option of sending mails from other email addresses and so forth.

For all such reasons, many people have a Gmail account these days, even if people do have Hotmail or Yahoo accounts as well. A Gmail account is preferred by most people. Google ensures that the mail servers are up and running all the time and downtime is negligible. Access to the account is easy through any desktop or smartphone app. Gmail offers automatic organizing of mails into Promotions, Social and Primary segments. Filtering and categorizing mails is easy with Gmail. With a two step verification process that has been recently introduced, Gmail has made email accounts nearly hacker proof for the email users which has made its email service most reliable.

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