Process To Access To Gmail Inbox

You might have heard about the different features of Gmail Inbox. Indeed, this email service is known for its innovative features as well as security aspects. With Gmail you get all the advantages you need to have a reliable email service that will never let you down. If you are new to Gmail, you will want to know the steps of accessing Gmail inbox.

The first step is to sign up for an account here. It is easy to sign up for a single or even multiple accounts on Gmail. Indeed, many people have their professional and business correspondence in one account and personal emails coming into their personal account. Here are the basic steps to follow:


  • You need to type in the official web address of Gmail to access your inbox. You can start by typing in in your web browser.
  • Once the Gmail official page is displayed, you will find the panel to sign into your account.
  • If you have an existing email address you can sign into it through this panel.
  • There is a link to sign up for a new account below this panel.

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How Download Gmail App?

Download Gmail app for iPhone/iPad

If you are in awe of Gmail email service and want to use it as your primary and default mail app on your iOS devices, then you can do it very easily by following the instructions given below. Before you set up Gmail as your default mail app, you need to check if you have the app installed on your device. The procedure to get Gmail app downloaded on your iOS device is very easy.

  • Open your home screen, locate the iTunes Store and tap on it.
  • Ponce you are in, you need to tap on the search icon and type Gmail app for iPhone in the search box.
  • The iTunes tore will display the search results. Tap on Gmail app offered by Google and you will be taken to the Gmail app download page.


  • Read about the app and then tap on the download option to get the Gmail app downloaded and installed on your iOS device.
  • After the app has been installed, you can find it on your home screen or in the Apps section.
  • You can also download the Gmail app for iOS devices on your computer and then sync, your computer with the iOS device to install the app on the device.

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Comparison of Interface

Google offers a different Gmail interface to choose from for their users. However, most of the users find the interface layout unintuitive and cluttered. Gmail has a priority inbox interface, tabbed inbox interface and inbox which allow you to present the emails the way you need them. The tabbed inbox sort the mails into different categories like social, promotions and updates.


Using inbox interface, you can create to–do-list of your mails and mark them as done. You will be able to make a bundle of related messages and snooze the mails which you want to consider later. Moreover, Gmail also offers many tweaks such as preview pane which allows reading the emails without leaving the message list, mark as read button, etc.

Outlook uses a streamlined interface design with three panels. On the left side you can see the categories and folders to navigate and the center panel contains the list of emails and by clicking on the particular email you will be able to read it on the right end pane. However the interface customizing options of are very less when compared to Gmail. You will be able to select where the display pane show up or in which order the messages appear during a conversation in Outlook.

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