How Create Hangout By Gmail?

How to start a Hangout conversation?

Starting a Hangout conversation is very simple. The following is the procedure to start a Hangout conversation.

  • Open your web browser and visit the website.
  • Key in your username and password in the respective type fields and press the sign in button to log into Gmail inbox.
  • Once you are in the Gmail inbox, you will find the Google Hangouts logo on the left side of the inbox with the sign in option written under it. Click on it to log into Google Hangouts.
  • You can also visit the Hangouts website by visiting page. You need to sign it with your Gmail sign-in credentials to start any conversation.
  • Look for the search button icon on the top of the Hangouts list. You need to type the username or email address of the contact you would like to find to initiate a conversation. Once the name is spotted on the list, click on it to start the conversation.


  • Type in your message and then press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • If the person is online, he will get the message flashed on his screen immediately. If not, he will be able to see your message as soon as he signs into Gmail account.
  • If the message you send is not delivered to the intended person, you will find a red button next to the message. This happens only when your internet connection is slow. Once the message is sent, it will turn to green.

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Benefits About Gmail Inbox

What is Gmail inbox?

The first thing that you need to understand is that Gmail is not gong to be taken off by Google. It is very much here and this Gmail inbox app is an optional new service and it can be used in sync with your existing Gmail to offer more features than what you are experiencing. This is an ideal option for people using Gmail service and who are always on the move. Using both on your mobile is not an issue and all your mails will be synced between them.


It is an ideal option for everyone having trouble with piling up on emails in their inbox.  This Inbox app will sort out your emails and will file away all the not so important mails and will press upon you all the important messages that you should see. This will help in saving a lot of your time you spend on checking out emails. Read More

Comparing Gmail with other email services

Gone are the days when one had to pay for an email account. Indeed, the present generation is born in a world that offers so many resources for free. With the internet offering all kind of information easily available to people along with free email services, it has truly transformed the world as compared to what it was decades ago.

gmail other services email

When it comes to web based email services, there are several that one can opt for. Indeed, free email is a common thing these days that everyone takes for granted. However, the free web based email service was first popularized by Hotmail. When it started in 1997 it helps to free people from the shackles of subscription or paid mail services. If you compare Hotmail with Gmail, there are several features and aspects that come up. Hotmail started at a time when Gmail was not around. After Hotmail was introduced, it was soon taken up by Microsoft. MSN then combined Read More

Different Google services for Gmail users

When you gain access to Gmail, there are several other features of Google that you are given automatic access to. YouTube is the popular video based social media site that offers an automatic personal account to all Gmail users. Google Drive is the cloud service offered by Google with 10 GB storage space, automatically open to all Gmail users. Other features include integration of Google Chat, Hangout accounts with Gmail account as well as other services such as Blogger and others being easily available for those who sign up for a Gmail account. In this post will explain the benefits and features of having a Gmail account.

gmail services

YouTube is the popular interface for all the latest videos put up by singing sensations, film previews of the latest releases and so forth. Whether you are searching for animated videos for your child or wish to share a video as a private link to your friends via YouTube, there are several benefits that come out of having an account on YouTube. When you are a registered user, your viewing references and video searches are saved and recommendations are shown to you accordingly. You can save lengthy videos on your free YouTube account as well. For all such reasons, gaining access to YouTube through Gmail is a great offer.

When you open your Gmail inbox, you will find the chat options appearing on the side bar on the page. Google Chat, now known as Hangout, integrates your contacts from the mails and shows you as chat contacts. You could send across invitations to friends to chat with them through this interface. Once you are linked with Read More

Gmail App for your smartphone

For those who use Gmail as their primary email address, they need to check their mails on the go. With the Gmail app it has been made possible long back, thus allowing millions of users of Gmail to access their inbox, check old mails, receive the new ones and even respond to them, with or without attachments. Gmail has gained the tag of being the most popular email service around and with good reason. Not only is the email service of Google a reliable one, it also provides access to the different services and features of Google without one having to sign up for different accounts for such feature. Thus, you Gmail ID becomes the default ID for Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube, Blogger and others.

gmail app inbox app not only makes things convenient, Google keeps introducing new features which makes browsing your email and working on the mails a pleasure through your smartphone or tablet. There is a new design that is being rolled out for the Android and other platforms. With such a new version, the Gmail users can expect new looks and updates as well as ease of use of the mobile version. Read More