Benefits About Gmail Inbox

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What is Gmail inbox?

The first thing that you need to understand is that Gmail is not gong to be taken off by Google. It is very much here and this Gmail inbox app is an optional new service and it can be used in sync with your existing Gmail to offer more features than what you are experiencing. This is an ideal option for people using Gmail service and who are always on the move. Using both on your mobile is not an issue and all your mails will be synced between them.


It is an ideal option for everyone having trouble with piling up on emails in their inbox.  This Inbox app will sort out your emails and will file away all the not so important mails and will press upon you all the important messages that you should see. This will help in saving a lot of your time you spend on checking out emails.

Gmail is one of the most popular free email services offered on the web. It was launched in 2004 and at present has over 400 million users. This email tool is very easy to use and is used by many to send and receive mails, documents, photos and other images to their friends, relatives, business associates, colleagues and other contacts. Gmail has evolved over the years and now with the all new Gmail inbox apps it offers its users plenty of new ways to use the Gmail. This new Gmail inbox app is offered for both Android and iOS users. It is also offered for download on the web if you access it through the Google Chrome browser.

Advantages of Gmail inbox

There are many attractive features offered by the Gmail inbox app that makes using this email service a breeze. Now, with this app you will not need to spend a lot of time checking out your emails as everything will be organized and clutter free. This way you get to see all important conversations at first.

  • 1) Ignore batches of unimportant emails

One of the best features of Gmail inbox is that it will scan each and every message that you receive in your inbox and will sort the mails according to its content. All the messages that the inbox app finds to be of significant importance will instantly be directed to the inbox. Any of the other messages will be sent to 7 different categories like: finance, social, updates, purchases, forums, low priority and promos.

  • The receipts and bills will be sent to the purchases folder.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media network alert fall in the Social category.
  • The newsletter and mailing lists will be seen in the Forum category.
  • Emails from the retailers, you have purchased from will be sent to Promos category.
  • Banking statements and so on will be sent to Finance category.
  • All random messages that do not look like spam will be filtered and sent to a Low Priority folder.
  • The newsletters you have signed up will be sent to Updates folder.

There is more to this assortment feature that you can find out below.

13The inbox can be set so that it notifies only the important messages. Therefore, whenever messages for the other various categories come up, you will not be disturbed. You an even set certain bundle to pop up only once in 24 hours or once every week. You have the option to delete an entire bundle to save time checking out each and every mail and then deleting it.

  • 2) Pinning messages

The Gmail inbox app offers you a pinning feature that is very handy for everyone who forgets to send a reply to a message. If at all you need to pin a certain message to reply later, you need to tap on the pin button on top of the message. All you need to do is to flip the switch on top of the Gmail inbox interface to see only the messages that you have pinned.

  • 3) Undo the send button

What would you do if you pressed the send button in a panic and you did not want to send a mail at that time? Well, there is an undo button on offer at the bottom of the screen to stop the message from leaving your outbox. This undo button has to be pressed within 15 seconds of you pressing the send button. This way you can undo the sending of a message. Pressing the undo button after 15 seconds will not help in stopping the message from being sent.

  • 4) Snoozing messages

14If you are in no mood to read office messages on a holiday, then read on to know how you can stop it from showing up on your screen immediately. There is a snooze featured offers by Gmail inbox that will allow you to snooze messages that you do not want to read at present. It will automatically move to the snooze folder and will only show up at the appointed time. You should open the inbox and press on the snooze button and choose a snooze time. It can be later in the day or next day or even a week later.

  • 5) Reminding to respond to a message

If you have pinned a message, you can set a reminder to remind you on what to do with the message. Tap on the “Remember to” field and type in the field what you want to do with that message. Reminders like to send an email, call the contact, etc., or even a suggested reminder from the inbox after scanning the contents of your mail can be set for further action.

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