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How Download Gmail App?

Download Gmail app for iPhone/iPad If you are in awe of Gmail email service and want to use it as your primary and default mail app on your iOS devices, then you can do it very easily by following the instructions given below. Before you set up Gmail as your default mail app, you need […]

Read More... Vs Outlook Mail Services

Comparison of Interface Google offers a different Gmail interface to choose from for their users. However, most of the users find the interface layout unintuitive and cluttered. Gmail has a priority inbox interface, tabbed inbox interface and inbox which allow you to present the emails the way you need them. The tabbed inbox sort the […]


Benefits About Gmail Inbox

What is Gmail inbox? The first thing that you need to understand is that Gmail is not gong to be taken off by Google. It is very much here and this Gmail inbox app is an optional new service and it can be used in sync with your existing Gmail to offer more features than […]