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Comparing Gmail with other email services

Gone are the days when one had to pay for an email account. Indeed, the present generation is born in a world that offers so many resources for free. With the internet offering all kind of information easily available to people along with free email services, it has truly transformed the world as compared to […]


Different Google services for Gmail users

When you gain access to Gmail, there are several other features of Google that you are given automatic access to. YouTube is the popular video based social media site that offers an automatic personal account to all Gmail users. Google Drive is the cloud service offered by Google with 10 GB storage space, automatically open […]


Gmail App for your smartphone

For those who use Gmail as their primary email address, they need to check their mails on the go. With the Gmail app it has been made possible long back, thus allowing millions of users of Gmail to access their inbox, check old mails, receive the new ones and even respond to them, with or […]

Read More... Inbox by Google

With Google, innovation is something that everyone can come around to expect. Innovation is what has helped Google stay ahead of the intensely competitive world that it works in – whether it is the search engine service it provides or the email service and other value added services it offers to the internet users. […]