Comparing Gmail with other email services

Gone are the days when one had to pay for an email account. Indeed, the present generation is born in a world that offers so many resources for free. With the internet offering all kind of information easily available to people along with free email services, it has truly transformed the world as compared to what it was decades ago.

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When it comes to web based email services, there are several that one can opt for. Indeed, free email is a common thing these days that everyone takes for granted. However, the free web based email service was first popularized by Hotmail. When it started in 1997 it helps to free people from the shackles of subscription or paid mail services. If you compare Hotmail with Gmail, there are several features and aspects that come up. Hotmail started at a time when Gmail was not around. After Hotmail was introduced, it was soon taken up by Microsoft. MSN then combined Read More